Sidewalk Paving at Exact Paving

We use cement bricks, clay bricks and concrete as traditional paving materials but to enhance key locations or place accent on certain areas non-traditional materials are applied.  

To improve curb appeal, add a stronger sense of place in circulation areas and make public spaces more beautiful Exact Paving’s team use special paving materials and treatments.

Sidewalk Paving

There is a number of traditional and non-traditional paving options for sidewalks including:


Want to see just how great sidewalk pavers are? Then click on the photos for a better look at Exact Paving’s various applications of such hardscaping materials.

Bondbrick Colour: Tan/Slate
Cobblebond Colour: Tan
Bondbrick Colour: Grey
Cobbles Colour: Golden Iron Spot
Bondbrick Colour: Plum
Bondbrick Colour: Grey
Cobbles Colour: Golden Iron Spot
Bondbrick Colour: Plum
Bondbrick Colour: Plum & Grey

The Benefits of Sidewalk Paving

Sidewalk paving offers numerous benefits to pedestrians and it is wise to use it in particular spaces where people frequent such as car parks, commercial buildings, residential complexes, shopping malls and many others.  

Sidewalks also serve as buffer zones between vehicles, pedestrians, joggers and cyclist ensuring safety.

You can also use sidewalks in your garden to protect your plants and allow your guest and family to move around without stepping on your flower beds.  

There are numerous colours and shapes to choose from to fit in perfectly with the existing look and feel.

It is easy to clean and maintain sidewalk paving and it can last for decades without breaking or cracking and when damaged it can easily be replaced.  Sidewalk paving can be kept in top-notch condition by simply using a hose to clean the surfaces regularly.

We do all kinds of brick paving on sidewalks and our work comes with a five-year guarantee.


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Wanda Swart
Great service and quality, love the TLC added to their service, recommend highly.
Adam Blackstone
All I can say is wow. Very professional and customer service was amazing.
Jasmine Lad

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